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March 10, 2011


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Naomi Johnson

Bravo for LA! The voters in Columbus, Ohio, passed a permanent levy last fall that restored 7-day service to all branches.

Joe Barone

I check out ebooks from my local library to read on my Nook or iPad.

Limits on how many times you can check out an ebook from the library? Are there limits on how many times you can check out a traditional book?

I think big-time publishers are in full panic at the thought of electronic books.

BV Lawson

I agree, Naomi! I hope this is a wake-up call to other jurisdictions trying to slash funding for libraries.

BV Lawson

That's one of the points I've read libraries making, Joe. Publishers have never put a limit on the number of times print books can be checked out, and librarians have been faithfully taping up and repairing them for years (my own librarian-mother did this). Quite frankly, I wonder if it's more about publishers wanting to discourage libraries from e-lending completely.

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