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November 30, 2012



Is it an unwritten rule to give odd names to the heroines in romantic suspense? Wynne Kinch? Not only odd but more like a character name created for a gag on a radio show. The sound of it is just silly. This has a TIGER BAY feel to it -- without the gun love. I think I'd like to see the movie version rather than read the book.


I usually like novels of a young girl's coming of age. This sounds intriguing and familiar. It's possible I read it in the long ago distant past.

BV Lawson

Since the author herself apparently matured a bit faster than her peers (going to work in film by age 18), it helps explain the precocious nature of the girl's POV here. But I think Windop found the right balance and tone.

BV Lawson

John, I wonder if the author - who worked in the libelous film industry - was trying to avoid giving her heroine a name of a real person? I haven't seen the film, but apparently it's a bit darker and grittier than the book.

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