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July 11, 2013


Paul D. Brazill

A great selection there and thanks for the mention.

BV Lawson

You are welcome Paul, but just thank me by writing more terrific stories!!

Robert Lopresti

Found this through Sandra Seaman's site and not only found some titles to look for, but found my own name. Thanks, By the way, I think CRIME SQUARE came out in hard cover last year.

Ayo Onatade

Good collection! Aside from the Best British Mysteries,will any of them be published in the UK?

BV Lawson

Hi, Ayo! I don't think the Malice book will be; previous anthologies from that conference appear to be U.S.-only. CRIME SQUARE, NOIR CARNIVAL, TROUBLED DAUGHTERS, and the "noir city" series are available via Amazon UK (print and digital), which makes me think they could be available or ordered from UK print bookstores, too. I don't have much details on the MALFEASANCE anthology just yet. As to whether a UK publisher will pick up reprint rights for any of these, I would doubt it, with the possible exception of CRIME SQUARE. There's not a lot of money to be made in anthologies, especially print versions. I think that, despite the digital-book explosion, short stories are still a niche market.

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