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February 07, 2014


Todd Mason

And it's notable that "One Ordinary Day, With Peanuts" by Jackson, which has sparked a little discussion in this week's posts, reminds me of Jerome Bixby's "Trace"--included in V2 here, as well.

BV Lawson

Both "Trace" and "The Daemon Lover" have been included in several anthologies, Todd, so I guess it's fitting that they are partnered in this fashion. I really love these anthologies for the variety that offer.

Todd Mason

The Bixby is a deft and compact item. There are only a handful of horror vignettes I like as well..."Levitation," the best story I've read from Joseph Payne Brennan, comes to mind. And it, deservedly, is even more an anthology chestnut than either "Trace" or "One Ordinary Day..."

BV Lawson

I'll have to seek out a couple of those I haven't read, Todd. Thanks for the tip!

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