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I love research! I guess you can blame it on my mother, the librarian, since she apparently passed along those librarian genes.

I'm also a writer, and my award-winning stories, poems and articles have appeared in dozens of national and regional publications and anthologies. A three-time Derringer Award finalist and 2012 winner for my short fiction, I was also honored by the American Independent Writers and Maryland Writers Association for my Scott Drayco series.

Although I write nonfiction and literary and genre fiction, my recent efforts have been focused on mystery short stories and novels. With that focus in mind and my zeal at finding ways to incorporate more realism into my writing, I've accumulated a listing of references that are helpful to me, and will hopefully be helpful to all readers and writers of mysteries.

For mystery fans, check out the Bibliographies section, with book and author lists, and the sections for mystery Awards, Blogs, Bookstores, Conferences, Games, Magazines and Newsletters, and Reviews.

For mystery writers, there are sections on links for Agents, Publishers, the Business of Writing, and lots of references to help with research for stories in the Crime Scene Investigation, Crimes by Type, Dictionaries, Forensics, Government and Law, Police Procedures, Private Investigation, and True Crime.

If you find a link you think would be helpful to others, you can pass it along, and it might be included. The List will be updated and added to on a continuing basis.

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