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December 24, 2010



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Scott Drayco Novel #7: How would you solve your own kidnapping? And what if the reason behind it was even stranger than you could ever imagine?

Scott Drayco Novel #6: Some secrets refuse to stay buried while others threaten to bury you ... permanently.

Scott Drayco Novel #5: A song linked to suicides may have taken another victim. Or was it a cleverly disguised murder?

Scott Drayco Novel #4: When crime consultant Scott Drayco’s long-AWOL mother returns and is charged with murder, he’s plunged into a world of secrets, lies, and cons.

Scott Drayco Novel #3: Drayco reunites with his estranged FBI partner to protect the partner's daughter from a serial killer who leaves musical puzzles as a calling card.

Scott Drayco Novel #2: A mysterious attack on a young disabled girl lures Drayco back to Cape Unity and into a sea of secrets and lies.

Scott Drayco Novel #1: A body found in a rundown Opera House with a "G" carved on his chest lures a former FBI agent into a web of music, madness and murder.

Eight Scott Drayco stories.

A con woman vows to avenge her grandmother's death but must outsmart a handsome detective plus the efforts of her nemesis to silence her...forever.

Detective Adam Dutton once again teams up with con woman Beverly Laborde to find a killer. But is it too late for an innocent man...and for them?

Detective Adam Dutton and con woman Beverly battle arson, fraud, and a new NAL villain, even as they fight the smoldering attraction between them.