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March 22, 2011


Joe Barone

I wonder how many of those stone tablets survived in relation to how many were made? And we all know the stories of shepherds using some of the scrolls from Qumran and other such finds as kindling to start fires.

I suspect there is a chance that a larger remnant of what is written today will survive than what has survived from the past.

BV Lawson

I do hope you're right. There will be "translations," of course, i.e. we had analog VHS copies of movies that came in DVD format when VHS was essentially abandoned, which was followed by new versions of those same movies in Blu-ray, and there will be something else come along after that. Still, when one uses one's imagination and tries to look ahead 1,000 years, there may be a lot of what's created today that doesn't survive such techno-translation. Wish I had a time machine (I think; don't want to run into any Morlocks).


Honestly, I think NOTHING is meant to last forever. If we have some of these stone tablets and ancient 'papers' left it is probably because of luck. As for today's work all I can think about is the many films that have already disintegrated and it's not even a hundred years since movies became a 'standard' thing or anyone even thought of trying to keep them for posterity.
I think, probably, whatever is scanned and copied onto computer will probably last as long as we last. We are not, after all, meant to last forever either.

BV Lawson

Unfortunately, Yvette, nothing indeed lasts forever (even universes), but I'm awfully glad the works of Shakespeare are still around (among others). Hope they'll still be read a thousand years from now, too!


AND the paintings and sculpture of Michelangelo and the paintings of DaVinci and...well, I agree with you. Shakespeare will live as long as the human race lives, I think. I believe.

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