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April 15, 2011


Richard R.

A new one to me and really sounds intriguing. I love this kind of thing and will be searching out a copy of this one, if one can be found that's affordable. Thanks very much for the review.

BV Lawson

It's not a thick book, so that should help on shipping! It also means that you can get through it in relatively quick order, maybe 1-2 hours, depending upon quickly you read.

J F Norris

This is utterly surreal, B.V. Make sure you check out my contribution. Also a Blackburn book. Two in one day! There must be some magical synchronicity in the air when it comes to the FFB posts.

Love bibliomysteries, but I'll be reading Blackburn's eerie thrillers with the supernatural elements first before I get around to this one.


Ooooh, this sounds good, B.V.! I love the sound of it. And the bibliophile background is just my thing. I hope I can find a copy.
Speaking of bibliophiles - have you read Michael Gruber's THE BOOK OF AIR AND SHADOW? One of my faves. Also, of course, the books of John Dunning?

Martin Edwards

Very interesting. New Mown Hay is pretty good, but I don't know this one.

BV Lawson

Ha! Yes, J.F., I guess we must have a psychic link. I usually "test" my author and/or book via Patti Abbott's web site and archives to see if s/he and or the book has been featured before, and Blackburn had only made one appearance. So to have two on one day -- very unusual. This particular Blackburn is probably a good place to start if you don't like horror or surreal elements, and it's more of a straight up-and-down detection story. The others would be enjoyable on different levels.

BV Lawson

I wish I could say I've the pleasure of reading John Dunning, but I'm afraid I haven't yet had the chance. But onto the TBR pile he goes! My current stack of real-live books is up to about 70, while my *list* of additional books to read numbers around 200 at last count. Must read faster.

BV Lawson

Martin, I believe "Blue Octavo" is different from his others (although I confess I haven't read them all!), as it doesn't involve any real horror or espionage type elements. Personally, I'd call it more of a detective novel or possibly suspense than an out-and-out thriller, as we think of them today.

Julia Madeleine

So many books, so little time. This looks like one worth reading.

J F Norris

BV -

Been meaning to ask you: Do you have a shortcut to search the FFB archives? I do exactly the same thing that you described above. I saw that only Jerry House had reviewed Blackburn's CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT back in 2008. But I had to resort to Google and the proper combo of precise terms. Took several tries. Is there a way to search Patti's blog? I failed miserably. Maybe I'm just not looking carefully enough. Any help would be appreciated.

BV Lawson

So true, so true, Julia. I almost cry every time I look over at my poor neglected TBR pile. Need to win the lottery. This working-thing to pay the bills takes too much time.

BV Lawson

I sent you an e-mail J.F., with my usual research strategy, such as it is.

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