Friday's Forgotten Books - The Last Vanity - In Reference to Murder

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July 29, 2011


J F Norris

A name I recognize but a writer whose books I have never read. Few of them show up in the US in used bookstores. And the only copies in the Chicago Public Library are four German translations! Your description might be applied to Peter Cheyney and James Hadley Chase as well - two other fairly forgotten British crime writers who aspired to the American hardboiled school but were also pale imitations.

Gary Thaden

As to availability in the US: The Hennepin County (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Library has 17 of his novels, most of which were published in the US, according to the catalog. US publishers were: Saturday Review Press, Dutton, McCall Pub. Company, Crime Club by Doubleday, and Macmillian.

BV Lawson

Since I could find so little about the author, and since his one book made into a movie was a spy novel, I'm guessing that his spy novels may have been his best-sellers, JF. I think it's fascinating that CPL only has 4 German translations and Gary's has 17 (nice to know some were eventually published in the U.S.). Unfortunately, few are available for purchase, and I doubt they'll be a priority to digitize, so libraries will continue to be the best place to find them, for now.


Another writer I'm not familiar with and unlikely to get familiar with since availability of his books appears non-existent unless you live in Minnesota. :)

But I still enjoyed reading your overview. Also enjoyed reading all the latest news re: casting of shows and upcoming new shows. SInce I don't have cable anymore, I'm finding it difficult to keep track of all the new things popping up on tv all the time.

Clarissa Whitehorn

They're available as ebooks. Check Kindle:

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