Friday's "Forgotten" Books - Troublemaker - In Reference to Murder

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November 18, 2011


Todd Mason

Wow...I hadn't known about Hansen's marriage and a kid (with a journey of her/his own). I've read a bit of his work, and have been meaning to read more...sounds rather like the, certainly to that extent bisexual, marriage of Marilyn Hacker and Samuel Delany, and it sounds also as mutually supportive. The ways we cope with the world.

BV Lawson

Is *is* interesting, and I think rather refreshing. Humans seem to have a compelling need to buttonhole people into strict categories so they can slap labels on them like merchandise. But life is far too complicated for that, and yes, each of us has to find our own path.

George Kelley

I read TOUBLEMAKER when it was first published. For the times, it was a shocking book.

Joe Barone

This author sounds quite interesting. I've written this book down to try to find it. Thanks.


I read a couple of Hansen's books years ago. There are a few detective series with homosexual protagonists, but I think Hansen was one of the best. I think I'll try and find a few more of his books. Thanks for the reminder.

J F Norris

I have always believed that sexuality is fluid in most people. I've known several married gay/lesbian couples who had open relationships.

I really loved Dave Brandstetter when I was a teen. Reading about this character really made me believe that everything would improve when I was an adult. To a certain extent it did. I'm thankful I found Hansen's books when I was going through a traumatic period. They sure helped one lonely gay boy see the world as a hopeful place rather than one of menace which it seemed to me at the time.

BV Lawson

It's hard to believe that this would have been considered groundbreaking back in the late 60s/early 70s, but indeed it was. He was very brave to go with his heart in writing this series, and fortunately it was a very successful and critically-acclaimed move. Sometimes not taking the easy road is the best way.

BV Lawson

They're worth the look, Yvette. Hansen wrote his characters as just normal folks, which sounds so strange today, but back then was a relatively new idea, especially in crime fiction. His protagonist, Dave Brandstetter, is a great character.

BV Lawson

I think you can start out with this one, Joe, and not miss out on anything from the first two books. However, as George Kelly pointed out on his blog (, you can get the entire series in one collection for a very reasonable price.

BV Lawson

Isn't is nice, George, that today's readers don't find it shocking at all? Although we still have a long way to go in our society toward tolerance of all people including gays and lesbians, we've already made great strides.

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