Author R&R with Tina Whittle - In Reference to Murder

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March 08, 2012


Susan Newman


How fast do these snakes reproduce? If there are 30,000+ in FL, how fast can will that number double without snake hunters?

Also, how can a snake be used as a murder weapon. Does it instinctively attack humans or does it have to be threatened by a human?

Great Book!!! Loved it.


Hi Susan! I'm glad you like thinking about snakes as much as I do. For your first question, the answer is - I have no idea. But I do know this -- the snake hunters can only do so much against a species with no natural predators and a perfect environment for reproducing and thriving. Of course, humans are destroying that environment by the hundreds of acres for commercial usage. This is definitely one of those "we'll see" situations.

As for your other question, snakes are not murderous creatures; they attack for two reasons -- to eat and to defend. If you're non-threatening and too large to swallow, you're in no danger. If I were going to use an animal as a murder weapon, I'd skip the snake and go right for the honey badger. Now THAT'S a dangerous animal!

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