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February 22, 2013



I have only read The End of Her Honeymoon by Lowndes one of the many treatments of the an urban legend about a guest that disappears form a hotel. Very much a forerunner in the "nobody believes me" paranoid thrillers that Woolrich and others specialized in. I still own a copy of this book, but have not read it (I have the very edition you use to illustrate this post - gorgeous binding, a real keeper). I'll have to take it down and add it to the TBR pile. Just two nights ago I watched an "Alfred Hitchcock Hour" episode adapted from her long forgotten novel What Really Happened. It was modernized, of course, but still had a subtle power. She deserves to be better known. There are some other books of hers that should be reprinted so that she is not known for only The Lodger.

BV Lawson

Even though the writing is dated, as befitting a publication from 1912, Lowndes still manages to trail blaze her way through suspense and mystery elements that may seem like tropes now, but were fresh and original at the time. It's a shame that "The Lodger" is the only book for which she is remembered.

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