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October 31, 2014


Todd Mason

They place Tahiti in the Carib? Good work...no snakes in Hawaii in part, these days, due to all the mongooses running about like carnivorous squirrels...a snake wouldn't last long if it got loose.

I do like these EQMMM/AHMM anthos, usually, as well...

BV Lawson

Well, I guess if it's a tropical destination, might as well call it the Caribbean, right? :-)

I enjoy these anthologies, too, because it's like going to a food tasting - you can try a little bit of this author (their work, not the author!) and a little bit of that author. I've discovered new favorites that way.

Todd Mason

That is definitely the strength of both anthologies and the fiction magazines...and the blending of the sibling titles often made for at least as strong a selection as individual magazine best-ofs might (at least one collaborative anthology between the same publishers's ASIMOV'S SF and ANALOG was the best book I've read out of either magazine since the most important years of ANALOG in its ASTOUNDING years). But those Dell anthem from AHMM and the Dannay selections from EQMM weren't to be sneezed at, either...

Todd Mason

Ah, the spell-correctors of Apple...putting in anthem sneakily when I wrote "anthos" and still yet trying to correct me...

BV Lawson

I'll have to look up the ASIMOV/ANALOG anthology - sounds good! Maybe I'll even get a story in one of these pubs, myself, some day. One can dream.

Todd Mason

ROADS NOT TAKEN: Tales of Alternate History edited by Gardner Dozois and Stanley Schmidt...and it dates from 1998...how the years fly...

I've managed to place a haiku in F&SF, and be mentioned in AHMM (Bill was kind enough to cite my blog in his EQMM column, too) but I might just have to get serious about putting some fiction into those, myself...

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