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March 20, 2015



Nice writeup.

One correction:

first as a reporter for the Boston Guardian and then later back in his home country

The Guardian (and still is?) the newspaper in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK -- as you indeed imply in the following para.

BV Lawson

Thanks for the catch! Late-night posts aren't always a good idea...


"Late-night posts aren't always a good idea..."

I know this only too well!

J F Norris

Good to know that Lucy Teatime will be in the other Watson books I plan to read in the coming months. I was very impressed with this mystery novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. Too odd us writing about it and posting it on the same day!

Last night I tried to find if someone had uploaded that TV episode to the internet but my efforts failed. I did watch about one and half minutes of a teaser for some other episode in the series and was bored. Four men sitting around a table talking. The UK 1970s mystery shows were rather static, like videotaped stage plays and not to my taste at all. Most of them don't hold up well these days.

BV Lawson

What a great name, too -- Lucy Teatime. I'm not aware of any copies of the TV versions, but I'll be they're hiding somewhere online. I'll let you know if I find any.

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