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February 22, 2016


Todd Mason

Wow...KINGSMAN seemed meretricious, for all it stroked the fanboy middle ground between Harry Potter and Bond (including how one of the two meant-to-be-attractive, apparently bright women in it offered no-lube anal sex to reward her rescue...still working on that parity thing), but I'm always ready to see more Sarita Chouhury.

Todd Mason

And Sarita Choudhury, too.

BV Lawson

"Kingsman" director Matthew Vaughn said about that ending that he ends with that joke "for a very strong reason. A lot of Bond movies used to end on things like Bond trying to ‘attempt re-entry,’ or ‘keeping the British end up.’ So I just thought, ‘We’ve pushed the boundary on every sort of spy cliché.’ We’ve got to end it on The Big One. And there’s only one way of doing it, taking it to the next level!"

I looked up Sarita Choudhury's schedule on IMDB just for you, Todd - she's also going to be in two upcomiong movies, "A Hologram for the King" and "The Last Photograph."

Todd Mason

Yes, though it's a bit of eating the cake and having it, too, as is much of KINGSMAN. I'm not sorry I saw it, but I'm no more making a point of seeing a sequel than I am...well, a new Bond nor Potter film...

Kind of you, Bonnie! Chowdhury has had quit an interesting career, and not enough recognition. Some of her series, such as 100 CENTRE STREET, have been underappreciated, as well.

Todd Mason

I'm not sure if its my sleepy fingers or spellchecker which keeps me from get Choudhury's name right the first time. Spell-C definitely hates it.

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